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even though this project is over, i still want to carry on visiting them. it was a great experience...

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since it has been rugby season, i decided to play a"fun bet" with the old men by beting who would win each and and who would be in the final.

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i played the board game scrable with the old folk and some of them are quite sharp with words. i felt really stupid because i couldn't think of word faster then the old folk.

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im reading the BFG to the old folk and they seem to be enjoying being read too. just shows that you are never to old to be read too. i also will get them to draw the BFG and see what the old folk interpretation is.

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i managed to get some interesting gardening tips off google for the disabled gardeners. very intereesting guys. go to: www.carryongardening.org.uk/top-tips-for-disabled.aspx

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