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Group Information

Group Name:  Tekkie Tots SunnySide Pre-Primary

Group members: Sizwe Thekiso      10046102

                                 Khutjo Bodila         10060822

                                 Pauline Mahlare   28180403

                                 Gugu Sibanyno     10536508

                                 Lebo Matjele         10276247

Degree Programme: All BIS (Information Science)

Where we did our project

Name of School: SunnySide Pre-Primary School

Address:               117 Vos Street

Contact Details:   012 343 7293



As group 65 of the SunnySide Tekkie Tots Joint-Community Project we chose a task of educating pre-primary children about basic mathematics, science and technology.  Our initial meeting started when we were briefed by Ms Anita van Deventer from the CSIR as how to approach the different lessons and to what dynamics we need to pay close attention to, such as the time frame of each lesson and the type of language medium to use for instruction as well as when doing the activities.  Our meeting was held on the 22nd of March.

Our first session

Our first session was on the 17 April 2012 at Tekkie Tots in SunnySide where we taught the children how to make simple structures using jelly tots and toothpicks then combine them to form a bridge-like stucture.  To be honest it felt rather daunting to approach little children and ask them whether they knew about bridges or not as well as to determine would they be able actually do the activity.  As time went on within the activity we were able to establish how to get their attention and also keep the activity interesting as well as short.  So at the end of the day we felt confident enough as a group to return for our next session and we hope it will go even better. 




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The group woke up very early on our morning off campus just to get together and get to Sunnyside.It was very sunny(how relevant)and we were ready to tackle our tasks for the day. The activity for today was to teach the children how to apply their counting skills. We had about 30 printed copies of sheets with a number of circles with stars inside for the children to count and correlate the number of stars with the appropriate counting number. Compared to the first activity,the children were not as keen because there were no sweets involved. This also made some of us nervous because we didn't have any incentives for the kids but we went into the activity strong headed. Because the children recognized us they were comfortable and that put us at ease. With regards to the children's reaction to the activity, we found that some of the children were bored because their counting skills were intact whereas some children really struggled to co-ordinate the number of stars with the relevant counting number. One of the challenges of the day was controlling the children because of the elevated excitement and the fact that it was Flora's birthday (A girl from Gugulethu's learning group) didn't make it better. Overall,today was already draining for some of us and also made some of us realise that we could actually do this for a living. Haha...


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Grouping of data activity Today being the 24th of April our group took on the activity of deciding to teach the children as how to group data as well understand the concept of putting alike things together. In all honesty it was not so easy in terms of controlling the whole process but after all they were able to group the data because after all the motivation was that they were working with sweets, as well as their counting abilities are on par because they were able to do so. So in closure the activity went pretty well and we are looking forward to the next activity.


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The 26th of April marked our fourth activity in the Tekkie Tots Project. Well today didn't neccessarily get off on a very high note because there was a confusion with regards to time and who was meant to be performing which activity at that allocated time, so we initially had to wait a moment till we could begin with our lesson. And trust us - our patience was tested. Nonetheless we eventually begun with our activity and BOY did the children enjoy it. It didn't take time and it was easy for them to follow, as well as not much had to be explained to the children in terms of concepts. They really enjoyed making their Chain Necklaces and they always look forward to seeing us the next time.




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On the 3rd of may in the Tekkie Tots project we embarked on our 5th lesson. It began quite early in the morning as we wanted the children at their brightest and most alert state. So what we did today covered the aspects of basic shapes, and we asked them where they could identify shapes for example in certain buildings and structures. Then the lesson required them to create some creative from those shapes, and did they go crazy with it. In the end they showed really good understanding of the activity which was very pleasing indeed. Until the next time we will see them with more fun activities.


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