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SPCA Centurion - (012) 664 5644/5 Kruger Avenue, Lyttleton

JCP 2012 Project
Our group consisted of the following members: Ane Combrink
                                                                                       Dirk Coetzee
                                                                                       Alex De Kock
                                                                                       Jean Lubbe
                                                                                       Johan Steyn

We decided to work at the SPCA in Centurion to help renovate and paint.

We met at the SPCA at 8 am on Monday morning and were greeted by a rusted and weathered front gate and tattered walls. We met with Dawie, the office receptionist, and he was glad to show us around the property and identified things for us to paint and fix.

We assembled a list of supplies that we would need and things that we would paint and fix. We then set of to the nearest hardware store to get the supplies. We learned that paint is quite an expensive item when you look in the wrong place. Luckily we discovered Chamberlain’s where the paint is much cheaper and we also got all of the other supplies that we needed.

Upon our return to the SPCA we started with the front gate and the walls to the adoption kennels. Johan and Dirk painted the walls as Alex was painting the gate. Jean and Ane painted the front gate. The painting of the adoption gate proved to be a big challenge for Alex as he got very de-motivated. The painting we did took quite some time as there were a lot of small spaces that were hard to reach.


We continued painting for the rest of the day until about 4 pm. We then started to clean all the brushes and roller that we used for the day. This was also a difficult task as it is not easy to get enamel paint out of brushes.

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Day 2 of our project started when we all met at the hardware store again to get some more supplies that we needed. Among these supplies were some more brushes and another roller that we needed for the walls of the Stray’s Kennels. After we got all the supplies we needed we made our way to the SPCA to start working again.

The work for the day was a bit easier, because of the walls of the kennels being easier to paint. Before we started painting the walls we put on a layer of bonding liquid to make the wall keep moisture better and to prevent the walls from losing its paint.

Johan and Dirk painted the walls of the kennels and at the same time Jean, Ane and Alex were painting the gates around the premises. We started with the gate to the staff area and the gates in the front of the premises. We painted in this order to get the area that the public see in a better condition to improve the look of the SPCA.

We switched painting duties every now and then to get away from all the gates. The painting of the kennels was the easier job, the only bad thing about it was that all the dogs were howling and barking for attention and no matter how much you talk to them they just wanted more attention. Dirk loved this as he could paint and talk to the dogs the whole time. We painted until about 4 pm again and we were making good progress.

After the day’s work we walked around the property again to see what there is left to do and after we saw that they have very little food for the dogs we decided we want to help them to get more food for the dogs. We decided to get in touch with the manager of the Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen, Piet Lubbe.

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Day 3 was just a working day for us as we saw that we could finish the work that we had left for the project. We started at 8 am again and we all just painted gate the whole day. Dirk later got tired of the gates and did a bit of gardening in the front of the property. He cleaned up the garden and repaired some of the edges.

After all the gates around the property were painted we were done with our project. We were relieved to be done with painting gates and we were happy that we could have helped at the SPCA to get it to look better.

We had another meeting with Piet Lubbe after we finished up the work at the SPCA to talk to him about the needs of the SPCA. He said that Pick ‘n Pay would sponsor us R500 for dog food for the SPCA. We just had to get a letter from the university to prove that we are doing a project for the SPCA.

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The sponsor we received from Pick ‘n Pay was for R500 worth of dog food for the SPCA. We picked up the dog food from Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen on the 20th of April. The next day we took the food to the SPCA where Adri received us and the food. She was very happy about the sponsor that we got for them.

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The JCP module was a great experience for me! To help the community made me feel good but also sad at the same time, because to see all the animals at the SPCA in their cages just craving some attention was truly heart breaking! But the people at the SPCA are really doing a good work taking care of the animals and they enjoyed having us there to help out. In the future I will surely go back to help again!


It was amazing to give back to the community even though it was just to go and paint. One only realizes how much work there is and how much help is needed once you work in the community yourself. I want to make it part of my life to give back and help in the community. It was a great honor to be part of this project.


It was a great experience for me working at the SPCA. You do the project and realize how much help they actually need. It was sad to see all the abandoned animals that are there and a lot of them had a home but the owners just didn’t realize how much work they would be and decided to take them to the SPCA. I want to make a contribution to the SPCA on regular basis after this project to try and help. You just want to take all the animals home and let them run around and play when you see them lying in their cages.


Working at the SPCA in Centurion was an eye opening experience. There are so many animals that only need loving homes and attention, but to help them at least make their current home better was very rewarding. The gratitude that the community we helped expressed was heartwarming and I will definitely keep helping where I can in the future!


The week spent working at the SPCA was really unforgettable. I learnt allot about myself and about the need that there is around us. It showed me that you can make a difference by helping in the simplest of ways. It made me feel very sad for these animals, not only because of the small spaces they live in, but because they are not loved in the same way as many other pets. I enjoyed working at the SPCA and seeing the work that these people do for the animals. They are very friendly and help full and i am glad that i could contribute to the work they do.

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