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Postal Address: University of Pretoria, Private Bag X20, Hatfield, 0028, South Africa

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Dr. Martina Jordaan

contact details : 0767057388

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Usually a week before the University of Pretoria start, it launches an orientation week for all the new first year students. The purpose of this week is for the new students to write a few tests for subject exemption reasons, get allocated into large group divisions and also just to settle in for their new journey that awaits them.

With the orientation week, each hall on campus was given an overhead projector and a microphone (both built in). Then there was also given an option to reserve a laptop if it was needed for that specific session. Our job was to make sure that each hall received the laptop that they booked for as well as replace broken or faulty devices. After the session was done, a runner was sent to collect the device/s borrowed.

It was further assigned to us as Leaders of Crisis call and/or Crisis Centre Runners to:

  • Be available via cell phone / landline for students in lecture halls that need assistance.
  • Assign runner to requested lecture hall.
  • Check out electronic devices to runner.
  • Check return of electronic device.
  • Be available to take electronic devices to lecture halls.
  • Assist student responsible in lecture hall to install device.
  • Make sure that electronic device is returned to crisis centre.
  • Attendance register of all students mornings and afternoons.
  • Handing out of lunch tickets.
  • Monitor return of bibs.


We learnt how to manage crisis situations under pressure and to deliver what was expected of us. Further we learnt to accommodate different types of personalities and to work effectively as a group. After only half way through the week we started receiving positive feedback, because of this we learnt that hard work really does pay off.


  • Dandre Endres:

The JCP - week was filled with new experiences! Times of stress but lots of laughter! This learning experience has taught me to plan ahead and to always be prepared for unexpected setbacks! Thank you JCP for the lovely learning experience.

  • Ruan Silvis:

The whole experience started off with a bang. The first morning we arrived early to get a grip on things, but before we knew it we were swarmed with people and had to execute our plan. The people signed in, received their instructions and went out into their field of work. As soon as the last person received their bib and food ticket, we thought that things would quiet down. In fact, the opposite happened. For a view hours the phone didn’t stop ringing and the “please call me’s” poured in. As soon as the students responsible for the lecture halls got the hang of how things worked, the phone calls reduced a bit. If I sat still for more than 5 minutes that day I would be lying. The rest of the week went more fluently after a few systems have been put into place. All in all it was a great experience/opportunity which did not only benefit me but also my community.

  • Jessica Dowd:

Although our project was something you wouldn't see as a community based project at first, it proved to be worthwhile and a positive experience throughout. It was a job where you could see the results of the work being done almost immediately.



News article (Please follow link below):


Our project was a success as we received positive feedback from various sources. We definitely made the work easier for the lecturers and students who needed equipment and help, as this was a stressful and eventful week. We hope that the University would use a similar way to manage the orientation week more efficiently in the future.

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Our group worked at the Crisis Centre for Orientation Week.


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