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The Group Members for the Lions Club Project are:

Huxley Oosthuizen, 28464606 (BIT, Group Leader + Database design + Data entry)
Philip Kirsten, 28237707 (BIT, Database design + data entry)
Claudio Vizzini, 28128843 (BIT, Facebook + Blog)
Justin Oosthuizen, 10496302 (BScCS, Database editing front-end)

Because there are many different Lions Club districts and institutions, the Lions Club can most easily be reached at http://directory.lionsclubs.org/

We called our group the "Lions 424" group, because of our blog name.


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Hendrik van den Berg is a Member of the Lions Club of Pretoria City. He along with other senior members have the task of managing the information of all the Lions Club members in the Gauteng region. Unfortunately the current information system was in the form of an Excel file where members had to make changes to their details as well as having an online web page with limited functionality.

This obviously led to inconsistent data and many different versions of the same information in existence. Also members who were less Excel orientated were unable to contribute.

Another subject Hendrik was tasked with was to bring the Lions Club members closer together through social media such as Facebook. With over 50 lions clubs in the Gauteng region, this was a challenge.

So we were tasked with the following:

  • To centralise all information into a single online database.
  • Create an User friendly web interface for members to access the database and change the details.
  • Populate the database with all 50+ Lions Clubs details.
  • Create Facebook Pages for all 50+ Lions Clubs


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Lions Logo

The Lions club is a worldwide-known organisation situated in 206 countries all over the world. They host close to 1.35 million members and are considered to be one of the largest club organisations in existence. Members are dedicated to uplifting their communities and making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Some of their recent achievements include building a playground for children of all abilities and feeding 60 000 people in one of South Africa’s townships.


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The team came together to discuss the requirements of the client (Hendrik) as well as the roles that each member should have. At the same time we looked at the challenges we faced. One of the biggest challenges was to edit the current web page and database because the current website had limited developer features.


We had to set up the coding environment (such as the MySQL service, PHP code support, etc), as well as analyze the current setup and see how it can be incorporated into the new design that we had planned.


This meant that the system had to be designed from scratch, the database had to be populated manually and furthermore, it had to be hosted on a separate server and accessed from there. That server also had to have the required technologies and software capabilities to host such a site.

Only about 10% of the current Gauteng Lions clubs already had Facebook pages, therefore there was much work to do to ensure each club had its own Facebook page which it could share information with their own respective members.


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The team decided that each person was tasked with specific jobs although no major decision was decided without the teams consent. Predetermined goals and deadlines were set out to act as a guideline for the project deliverables..



We were always willing to help each other out when ever someone got stuck.



Some days turned into nights. The team was dedicated to meet their short term goals even if it meant putting in the extra effort.

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