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Notices and Goodbye

Notice from ProQuest

ProQuest® will be performing infrastructure maintenance on March 18th, 2012. A twelve (12) hour window will be required for this maintenance. Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 04:00 for twelve (12) hours.

Thank you for continuing to support ProQuest and the products we provide.


 ASCE (13 titles) has recently been added to our Platfoms. Journals also available on mobile!

Remember to check the Journals recently added to A-Z here.

This is my last blog as Administrator, as I am retiring.  Lebogang Raphadu will continue as Administrator E-Journals.

Thanks to all the readers for all your support over the years!




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SciVerse ScienceDirect registration

Message from SciVerse ScienceDirect........

Are you taking full advantage of your SciVerse ScienceDirect registration?

You can build, find and use applications that enhance your research experience. Take a look at:

eReader Formats lets you put ScienceDirect in your pocket. This app converts articles to ePub or Mobit formats widely used by electronic readers and mobile devices.

Visit the SciVerse Applications Gallery to see the entire range of available apps

Your registration allows you to personalize ScienceDirect and many other Elsevier products for a more efficient and effective research experience:
Use applications to streamline your workflow
Sign up for alerts to make ScienceDirect work for you while you're gone
Save your Recent actions and list of favorite titles to save time
Set your E-mail and Display Preferences
Personalize your homepage: Quick Linking your favorites
Set up remote access (when enabled by your institution)

Search now and discover the content available to you!

Kind regards,
The SciVerse ScienceDirect Team


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2 Open Access titles


The South African Journal of Geomatics (SAJG) publishes peer-reviewed original papers within the broad discipline of Geomatics (including surveying techniques, technology and applications, mine surveying, hydrographic surveying, cadastral systems, land tenure, development planning, GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing).


This Journal is for the researcher....

Our vision is establishing the publication of null-results as an important cornerstone for the advancement of knowledge and scientific understanding in all disciplines thus con- tributing to overcome biases and fraud in research.

JUnQ is a new platform to gather ‘null’-result research. It is a medium to communicate projects, which just didn’t work, ambiguous data without exaggeration and unfinished investigations, which raise more questions than they answer.

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